This is an experiment …

I’m trying a new picture service



Not Working

My pictures aren’t moving from Flickr and the pictures are my favorite part of the posts. So I haven’t been updating. Sorry. But until I can get it working again you can keep up with us from our pictures. If you haven’t found it yet I keep pictures at Flickr and here’s a link.


Navajo Tacos


We had Navajo Tacos for dinner Saturday night. They are Indian fry bread with taco fixings on top, really good and a little adventurous after a fun day skiing. Making the fry bread was more daunting in the reading about than the actual making of.

Finally, it seems that I can get to my pictures at Flickr again. We’re also finally getting some snow and cold weather!

Good Wednesday

I have several posts ready to go, but my pictures aren’t uploading. I’ll keep trying, we skied last weekend.
We’re having a nice week, today is cold – which we’re glad for. Last year was never warm, this year is mostly warm. The mud we walked on yesterday has turned to dust with the cold.
We spent Tuesday morning writing the big checks for Tucker Mac’s accident. We thought we were doing okay for money, he.


Since Tucker Mac has broken the same wrist twice, he has become a little ambidextrous.  Last year he wrote only with his left had and this year he’s using both.

Spacey Pancake Night

We got a package from Tennessee on Monday. It was a little late to start dinner and there were some tears. But last night we followed through on our many promises and had our pancake night.


Master Yoda was Wrenny’s favorite.


This was made easier with a “pancake pen,” it looks like a plastic ketchup bottle and I made batter a little thinner than usual. It was a yummy night.

Funny Pictures

Those weird pictures of paper on Flickr are some recipes I like to make. My sweet sister asked for recipes from friends and family (a long time ago, I’m just beginning to catch up); I thought I’d see if pictures of recipes show up. Of course, the recipes I use often are usually stained and sometimes even burned so they don’t show up very well. But I think I can read these okay.


This is a current favorite. Thai Pumpkin Soup. I make it with homemade bread if I’m thinking ahead (sadly not a habit I currently have). I got a few pumpkins from the garden this year and I’m still pulling them from the freezer.